Monday, August 13, 2012

POS fraud in video

A first time I see it in underworld forum underground
A man take a video who he is using his own POS to do fraud
His name is Sudaka and he come from to Peru (100% 101 they not have chip)

His thread :

Title :  I HAVE MY POS need good seller , or work %

I have my own POS, I'm looking for sellers of good material dumps, I'm tired of throwing my money buying and LR, in tinedas and bad sellers, provided I have my own POS, if someone has good stuff and want to sell, or work in% contcatarme in PM, only serious people, look at the picture this morning pass, 12 dumps and could only make 980 usd with one, we can take up to 15K per day,

Picture of sendspace :

Fraud POS working

Video :


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