Saturday, December 14, 2013

2 cybercriminals

#1 jay american carder

This guy who live in USA (MIAMI) use dumps and spend lot of money in dumps shop, he buy too printer and hologram for making fake ID

He is not a big criminal, he looks like for me after research on him to work alone or with 1-2 other guy

Some strange item buying by his paypal

his recent mail and as you can see he have buy 0.42btc who cost like $400

you can see the $304 in his balance in a criminal dumps shop

#2 Sergei bulgarian carder

Sergei is another dumps user. He seems for me to work in a gang or group who travel in europe for swipping dumps, I have look that because he buy regulary hotel room

just look what I have found : 
He buy a MSR for encoded dump

Some strange mail : wmcenter(exhanger),  icq, dumps ....
His draft on google
I have all his password on underground website, he is a famous guy in (I cant show you screen because this underground forum is down but whill update when it will be up)

leave your comment!

Im back on this blog

I have recevied tons of message and regulary since I have stoped my blog and I will decide to continue him.
you can always email me at trackingcybercrime[at], I always rep

I will update when I have time more good post on my blog but for return I will post some cybercriminal identity :)

Don't buy anything when you see fake vendor on commentary. Im not having time for moderate message and delete them

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just my first hacked mail from a cybercriminal girl

Some other more and less interesting bruteforced mail :

An american girls in the black biz

His face

she try to buy dumps+bin
A famous dumps shop

Yes there is girl in this job, maybe they are less suspiscious for swip some card at Point of Sale.

She propose cashout WU

And finaly she propose his ass for money :)

I recognize she is not a big fish but this is rare to see a girl in this world

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inside some business for 3D Models Skimmer

In an underground forum, a guy name ruskovh sell 3D Model for making Skimmer (bezel,pin pad and cover)

His sale thread

This guy have lot and lot of feedback in his thread and he sales each model (he has a lot) for 400$
He is not poor :)

His picture :

Diebold :

trackingcybercrime's diebold album on Photobucket

Ncr :

trackingcybercrime's ncr album on Photobucket

Wincor :

trackingcybercrime's wincor album on Photobucket

Tritton and universal slim :

trackingcybercrime's other album on Photobucket

Hope is can help some people

Cybercriminal buy this 3D file for print bezel, cover ...
Some print this in 3D printer or in china and sell them on undeground forum
I have chat one on this cybercriminal and say he print bezel on china for 50-100$

Some resell this stuff for 3X  the price

Another guy not poor

Some resell china contact for print them

And other the equipment for print them

Botmill Glider gen 6 MODDED for sale

best print quality you can get for the price with all my mods, i upgraded to a much better setup, retail is $1,500 as of this june with out all the improvements.

fully assembled and configured, ready to print.

.1mm z-axis resolution 
.1mm accuracy

can print pla or abs

single extruder head, casted from aluminum and covered with pla.

stainless steel z axis screws
stainless liniar motion rods

heated build plate

gen 6 electronics

8"x8"x5.5" build area.


1 roll of kapton for the platform
1 roll of painters tape
1 wire sleeving kit
2 power cords/ power supplies
1 lb of pla material
all needed software included on an 8gb flashdrive
1 usb cable

the print quality is outstanding, i have 2 of these and this one was only used to print 3 times, the other one is not for sale as it has some signs of use. you can consider this one new.

price: $1000 LR

valued at $2,500 LR ($1,500 retail + $1,000 in modifications)

serious buyers pm, first come first serve unless somebody makes a higher offer. pics available to serious buyers only, i will take them just for you with your cpro name in the pics.

We will see the business for 3D Models is a lucrativ biz with no risk if you have vpn and other and the ass on a chair.
ATM skimmer is always not dead
Hope he can help some people

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cardshop promo video

Hey, I will be back of 2 month in void :)
there is a lot of news in the underground market that I will show you in futur post

Unicc shop is a cardshop (sell cc, fullz, dumps) own by Faaxxx (russian guy)

He is one of the most reputed cybercriminal in the underground market

The price of cvv are same than a normal cardshop (10$ for EU, 4$ for US )

Faaxxx have created a promo of his shop unicc (same idea than other cybercriminal call BADB in jail)

Faxxx promo

The Faxxx promo is not very good to see
bad music
bad animation
video very long and not funny

Badb promo

The badb promo for his shop
better music
better animation and very comic

What is your favorite promo ?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Liberty reserve is the end part 2

Maintenance update
Dear friends, it has come to our attention that some of our customers became concerned with our latest maintenance continuation and erroneous account status change for a group of our clients. Please find below an official explanation of reasons behind both instances:

1. There is a group of blocked accounts which were erroneously blocked by an automated script that was tested in the beginning of August and apparently has failed to perform properly. Script was designed to automatically secure in account in the event of multiple suspicious login attempts. During this maintenance we have identified the problem, addressed it and it is now being solved.

2. Since we were forced to perform extended maintenance, we saw an opportunity to add some of the additional features that were pending to be added to the website. As the web site appears shortly, you will discover Credit Card Funding option (available ONLY to a verified users), along with other minor improvements and enhancements.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance may have brought to you and would like to assure you that both issues are addressed in a timely manner and currently being worked on around the clock for the quickest and safest resolution. During this final stage of maintenance we are identifying erroneously blocked accounts and updating their statuses to "normal". This is a long and tedious process so your patience is appreciated. While we are doing everything possible to bring the system back faster, these processes make take an additional up to 2-4 days to complete.

Any other explanation of this maintenance that you may come across online in various online forums is inaccurate or simply put - false and misleading.
Posted by Jeniffer at 4:38 PM

Original Link :

I want lr back and change my fund in perfect money !!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Liberty Reserve is the end?

Maybe you have this problem in your accout
A lot of complaint can be view in hyip website and underground forum
Liberty reserve is the ecurency the most used by cybercriminal

LR block fund in account of big "fish", fund with lot of money since 3-7 days, He blocks randomly account.

Look complaint here

and other on all hyip website

Lr has a second prob, you can't received email of them

I have seen the problem will be not resolve before wenesday in a forum

Lr has de problem 1 year, for 24h the website will be down and there is no one explication from the ecurencie-market one of most popular exhanger website stop accepting lr

Hello. in view of the current difficult situation on the market for liberty, we're experiencing some troubles with processing the orders. We have temporarily suspended the admission liberty for 2-3 days.

They say that on chat
Is the Usa who looks fund for cybercriminal ? LR will be a new paypal ? LR stole money ?

A good rep can be this (find in underground market)

I'm sorry if I might be wrong, but after I completely read all of the threads regarding this, i came to the conclusion that LR might started to .. sacrifice some goats (sorry for the term )
We all know who use LR, what kind of people for what kind of transactions, and I'm not talking about just carding.
Seems that for them to survive, and also keep the Verisign sign on their website and be supported by them ( which is a BIG BIG thing ), they have to .. BEND OVER for some investigations from now and then. 
Alot ( and I do mean alot ) of money from dark operations ( ammo, drugs, whores, etc ) beeing moved in LR comes from russia / ukrain, ergo the massive lockage on ru/ua accounts.
It will be over soon, as because of the large amount of people that WILL lose alot of money, the rest of us will go on with our business using LR as always.
It was either this, or the e-gold way, and we all know what happened back then.

We can't belive some super legal legit business men from COSTA RICA (!!!!) woke up one day and said " hey ... lets do a nice money transfer system " without staying out of the radar ..

As you all see, alot of ru exchangers still conduct legit business each day without being blocked.

Lets just hope it will all be over soon

IF you want save your lr, change your ecurrencie
The two more popular I have seen in disussion is Perfec money (but one cybercriminal say they stole money) or bitcoin (very used in tor network)
Since 5 hours im browsing the net to get rid of my lr and all i can see is 40% for LR to PM, %45 for LR to bitcoin and so on

Do not used LR to egopay because egopay is a scam! (they block your account and steal randomly)
If you exhange your egopay fund to your payza account, payza block your account
(egopay says they are an afiliate of payza but I think is false)
if you type "egopay scam" on google, you can see video of official egopay says they are not a scam (lol this is very strange)