Wednesday, August 8, 2012

French key traffic : PASS PTT

I know lot of french carder used a key to open all mailbox
French typical mailbox

Uou need to have a key call "pass ptt" or "passe partout".
All key are only used by postman

A french famous postman

All "pass ptt" are not allowed for sell, all seller in internet are scammer (they take your money and not send anything)
For have this key you have 2 method

you need to buy one in unerdround market (french underground is the best)
I have used this method for buying one (I have received lot of private message)

Hi, I have pass ptt, what you offers?

The price for a pass ptt is 50€ but I have see a vendor sell it for 20$

I have buy one from a people in my city. That I found in underground forum (bordeaux)
I have meet him , they was 2. They have the look of true gangsta in city.

They used "pass ptt" not for carding but for stolen.
They seach cheque for pay electronic item in website "leboncoin", They used modified ID scan for verifying when they buy with stolen cheque.
They stole package too in big mailbox

big french mailbox (they exist a lot bigger in brown)

They have already stole 2 PS game (they said me that)
They show me how stolen and everything all the day (enter private hall, open all mailbox ...)

We have do same this video

The second method is build your own
You cant do yourself, you need a locksmith, you can do one online but not in french website because this is not allowed, they say all "no"
You need a key blanck Silca R041 (not sell in france), you can buy one in other website country.
You need a code (All french ptt)

-A10: 149999
-B10: 269999
-C10: 349999
-D10: 469999     
-E10: 549999
-F10: 669999
-G10: 749999
-H10: 869999

-I10: 169999
-J10: 249999
-K10: 369999     
-L10: 449999
-M10: 569999
-N10: 649999
-O10: 769999
-P10: 849999

-Q10: 159999
-R10: 359999     
-S10: 559999
-T10: 759999
-U10: 959999

-V10: ??9999
-W10: ??9999    
-X10: ??9999 
-Y10: ??9999     
-Z10: ??9999

The principal who open all is the T10 75999
you say I want a silca R041 cut with the code 75999 and all is good
T10 open Hall and all mailbox.
F10 open Hall and mailbox of Hall


Look Pass ptt T10

Look Pass ptt F10

The 2 Pass, they are not the same (difficul to see)


If you dont have money to buy one you can always used the picking (lot of forum exist)

And if a mailbox or a door dont want be open, this method is the most successfull but not very discrete

Fell free to comment


  1. sorry for questions but,you're speaking about an underground french forum,what is the adress please?

    And my last question,by underground,you're calling a forum that is not indexed by search engine(and can be only found with the correct url),or an onion site only accesible with Tor?

    1. You can find underground french forum to buy ptt key on indexed website like this one
      Some are accesible with Tor (onions website) like French Deep Web or Noel Board...

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