Saturday, May 19, 2012

TRACKING CYBERCRIME : Inside the nigerian money mule Part 2

 Some news about our nigerian money mule :

After a translation of his fake website job, he would like other translation in french :

This is to Notify you that we have received your application for the post of Finance Officer.Please ensure you check your email in 48hrs maximum and respond.Lack of response would lead to automatic disqualification.


I ask how he spam emails :

he says : i spam with smtp

He would like know if I spam : how do you spam?

I says I m using smtp too (his is a lie, Im not doing criminal activities) , he rep u scan for your own smtps
We know now, he scan his smtp with a scanner and crack the password

I say, I but it on shop and I ask how he send email with his smtp

the nigerian rep : the one i use i can send sometimes 50k 
if u need can be buying for u 

I rep no (Don't want have stealed personnal info)

a day he says :
and hopefully nxt week friday
the first set of cheques should arrive

I start to receive fake checks for pay money mule in France

After he want a disscussion for the % I take on checks


I don't know if 20% is a lot for the ammout of the checks (maybe checks is only 100-200€)

other interesting discussion :

In this discussion, I have think he has recruit french money mule and yes he has recruit


In this discussion, we speack abount the time I received checks

voila ! I have send all news I have about him

In internet, I have find his fake job post for Uk :


  1. Can you get sample and make report of ?

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