Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Prvtzone new cardeprofit ??

I have found an interesting post of Rome0 (always him) in about prvtzone (new forum of carding)After the carderprofit honeypot (story here), All new carding board are suspicious and a carder (Rome0) who have time to lost (because he is just a reseler) have write what he thought about the new board

True or Fasle, I don't know

Today by surfing on forums RU i have see thread who talk about forum carding and i see some forum i have never heard of my life .
I take a look on those NEW FREE OPEN REGISTRATION forum ... called Prvtzone.XXXX . When enter in url , i see design correct as forum carding , really common as other , see some Advert Banner (wievable by non register user ) where unknown ppl advert ( funny shop as " topdumps4you ) it not exist ( just example)

so i decided lookup this forum , first i trace DNS lookup of site and see:

IP address:
No host name is associated with this IP address or no reverse lookup is configured. is from United States(US) in region North America
TraceRoute to

Hop (ms) (ms) (ms) IP Address Host name
1 1 0 0 -
2 0 67 0
3 2 2 5
4 1 0 1
5 1 0 1 -
Trace complete

NetRange: -
OriginAS: AS13335
NetHandle: NET-108-162-192-0-1
Parent: NET-108-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
RegDate: 2011-10-28
Updated: 2012-03-02
OrgName: CloudFlare, Inc.
OrgId: CLOUD14
Address: 665 Third Street #207
City: San Francisco
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 94107

Country: US
RegDate: 2010-07-09
Updated: 2011-11-03

Keep in Mind CloudFlare INC & Prvtzone are associated 
after few research about Cloudfare in usa i have discovered they are linked too Lulzsecurity 
Lulz Security is in collusion with the FBI and Federal
Agencies to advocate Net Neutrality. This will become
very obvious as this thread develops. 
Lulz Security


Lulz Security comes with an who is IP of
That IP look-up renders the following data:

NetRange: -
OriginAS: AS13335
NetHandle: NET-199-27-128-0-1
Parent: NET-199-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
OrgName: CloudFlare, Inc.
OrgId: CLOUD14
Address: 665 Third Street #207
City: San Francisco
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 94107

But who are Cloudfare ??? 

Cloudflare, Inc.


Let's reveal who are the folks behind the masks
of Cloudfare Inc.
Key Executives
Mr. Matthew Prince, Co-Founder
Ms. Michelle Zatlyn, Co-Founder and Director
Mr. Lee Holloway, Co-Founder and Lead Engineer

Remember these names, we will be seeing them again.

Mr. Matthew Prince Co-founded CloudFlare, Inc. in 2009 and serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Prince worked as an attorney for one day before jumping at the opportunity to be a founding member of a tech startup. He serves as a Director of CloudFlare Inc. Mr. Prince attended the University of Chicago Law School and earned MBA from Harvard Business School in 2009.

Ms. Michelle Zatlyn co-founded CloudFlare, Inc. in 2009 and serves as its Head of User Experience. Ms. Zatlyn worked at Google and Toshiba, launched two successful startups. She serves as Director of CloudFlare, Inc. Ms. Zatlyn holds MBA from Harvard Business School and also holds a degree in Chemistry.

Please also note the connection to Google with Ms. Zatlyn.

and the computer guru of the outfit

Mr. Lee Holloway Co-founded CloudFlare, Inc. in 2009 and serves as its Lead Engineer.

Lee Holloway's other current projects are extremely interesting
to this investigation as you will see a pattern develop.

Lee is the co-founder and lead software engineer at CloudFlare.
Lee holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Santa Cruz. He is a software architect specializing in high-availability, high-volume databases including, Michigan’s Children’s Protection Registry and He is also the co-founder of Project Honey Pot.

Do we remember Project Honey Pot ?

After signing up for a new account, or logging in to your existing account, you will be provided a link. Hide this link on your web pages and we'll track anyone who follows it.

Project Honey Pot is a tool used by Law Enforcement Agencies
including the FBI to track and prosecute internet users as this next
article will show.

Project Honey Pot springs $1 billion lawsuit on spammers
By Jacqui Cheng | Published 4 years ago

A "John Doe" lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, this morning could be one of the largest anti-spam suits ever filed in the US so far. The suit was filed by Project Honey Pot, a free anti-spam service that collects information on e-mail address harvesters across thousands of sites on the Internet that have their software installed. The class-action complaint was filed on behalf of roughly 20,000 Internet users in more than 100 countries, according to the organization's web site.

Because of webmasters large and small installing its software on their servers, Project Honey Pot has collected information on thousands of e-mail harvesters in the US—people or bots that automatically scan web sites for e-mail addresses and then store them in a database for sale to a spammer. The organization hopes that by filing the "John Doe" suit, they can use that information in conjunction with subpoenas to find out who the actual spammers are.

The lead attorney in the case is Jon Praed of the Internet Law Group. Praed has achieved quite the reputation as a "spam hunter" in recent years, as he has successfully represented AOL and Verizon against spammers.

Under Virginia's anti-spam statute and the federal CAN-SPAM law, Project Honey Pot's case could result in more than $1 billion in statutory damages against spammers

Please note the Name of the Attorney and his Law Firm.
Jon Praed, Internet Law Group

Internet Law Group website

from their web site link above we find this tid-bit

We help our clients achieve this objective by collecting information about acts of Internet fraud from across our client base and other sources, using automated systems developed in-house. We trace the acts back to their human source, using a variety of formal and informal information-gathering techniques. Our clients hire us to increase the intelligence of their own work, and to expand their view into the world of cyber-fraud.
So we have 1 connection for CloudFlare and Internet Law Group.
Is there more than 1 link? you bet.

In comes a Psudo entity called Unspam Technologies
which has the very same CEO as CloudFlare
Matthew Prince and who also has the very same
Lead Engineer, Lee Holloway and also has the very same
Law Firm representing them.

Punch number two is for the 15,000 IP addresses of crawlers. Those are the people collecting and selling e-mail addresses. Harvesting is a slow process and botnets are expensive to rent by the hour, so the spammers do it themselves, on their own computers with a constant connection, since one is needed.

Gotcha, said Matthew Prince, CEO of Unspam and Project Honey Pot. "Those will be some of the first targets from this litigation," he said. "We've identified very specific targets. In some cases have a good sense of who these people are. Then we can bring the full weight of the law down on these people who are breaking it."

The idea of suing spammers may seem as ludicrous as suing God; where do you deliver the subpoena? But Jon Praed, the lawyer on the case, founding partner of the Internet Law Group and one of the top lawyers involved in spam suits, said not to think that way.

What is Unspam Technologies

Unspam is a software and services company helping governments implement and enforce effective laws to control unwanted messages. We also provide basic as well as expert compliance consulting services to businesses wishing to ensure efficient adherence to the law.
Now we have double links between 3 individuals and
2 separate business entities with a direct connection
to the FBI who investigated the actions of these groups.
But .... is it legal ? Not according to the US Constitution.

Spammer walks as court says state antispam law is unconstitutional.
Justice G. Steven Agee, who has since moved to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, wrote the unanimous opinion for the court. “The right to engage in anonymous speech, particularly anonymous political or religious speech, is ‘an aspect of the freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment,’ ” Agee wrote, citing a 1995 U.S. Supreme Court case.

“By prohibiting false routing information in the dissemination of e-mails,” the court ruled, Virginia’s anti-spam law “infringes on that protected right.”

Was defeated in the Supreme Court. What to do now
Net Neutrality laws to make their illegal actions legal.

So who is doing this and how

George Soros through the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission colluded with a George Soros-funded, Marxist-founded organization to publicly push a new plan to regulate the Internet under the government’s "net neutrality" program, according to just released documents.

Lulz Security and Project Honey Pot both have
pages on their web sites for donations.
And can only be paid by BitCoin.
Very unusual since this is the very
same secrecy they are supposed to be

Now, in lieu of all this data of these people and the
orgs behind them with a common agenda, Why do
you suppose they would attack and ? False Flags !!!!

To pave the way for net neutrality and control
of the internet which was their original mission.

I wonder just how much of those donations
comes from Soros who has the same agenda ??
Now, you do your own homework


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